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My Toxic Thought Confession...

I started to realize something a little while ago. There came a time, right around the middle of the month that my attitude, conversation and disposition started to change. I began to feel a weight that crept up on me like a thick itchy wool know the ones! This blanket would sneak up on me and surreptitiously whisper in my ear. "you don't have enough." This thought often times led me to a very dangerous places. The place of worry. Worry came to visit just when the mortgage, tuition, and monthly bills were due. It snuck in when I would get emails, text messages, or phone calls from friends going through life. As if Worry wasn't heavy enough, it also brought its cousin's fear, anxiety and stress along with it.

Sharing my thoughts of worry with my life coach, family and trusted friends helped me put so much into perspective. I realized that my toxic thoughts had room to live because I fed them the oxygen they needed to survive.

I had to do something. So, I changed my monthly trajectory through some good old fashion work. I worked on my schedule, household budget, decision making, what I let into my ear, and my life choices. These decisions allowed me to throw off that itchy, sneaky, blanket of worry and put on a new silky hot pink dress of joy!

Do toxic thoughts rob you of your peace daily, monthly or throughout the year? Consider working with a coach in clearing up those itchy, sneaky areas by identifying solutions and finding your joy!

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