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Finding Joy Through the Seasons of Life

Life has a funny way of throwing tons of surprises our way. Experiencing joy throughout the various seasons of life can oftentimes be challenging. While we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond. By working with Joie de Vivre Life Family Services  you will discover new strategies to cope, move, and break through limited beliefs.  Through a variety of services you will be moved and challenged to a stronger  better place. Check out the services below and make an appointment today. Stop struggling on your own! Get the support  today for what you want out of life with the help of a trained counselor and  skilled life coach.

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Joie Toussaint- Parrish is an Educator, Coach, Doula, Counselor, Deacon, Minister and Holding Space Consultant. Joie  has worked as a public servant for New Jersey Public Schools for over 20 years . She has served as an Elementary School Teacher, Preschool Intervention and Referral Teacher, and a Master Teacher. Joie also serves as a trained Birth Arts Doula (Labor Coach) in assisting families in envisioning and creating desired birth outcomes.

 As a Certified Life Coach, Joie works to encourage and  hold space for clients on a range of professional and personal goals.

Joie works with amazing people, couples and families to  individually create and celebrate sacred moments in life. 

Joie is a wife and mother of four amazing children! Her call is to empower women and families, and all people to find joy in all the seasons of life!  



*Elementary Education & American Studies, B.A. 

*Community & School Counseling, M.A.

*Counseling Services, Ed. S 

(Rider University)


( Birth Arts International)

*Life Coach,

(Freedom Bible College) 

*Educational Leadership

 (New Jersey Principal and Supervisory Association)

*Holding Space Consultant

(Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath and Death)


(Christian    Global Outreach Ministries)


Toussaint- Parrish

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Sat on the Rocks
Meditation by the Sea
Fall Foliage
Bridge Over River

Life Coaching

Have you ever pictured your life differently? Do you have goals and aspirations that you want to achieve but can't seem to get there on your own. Do you desire to have changes in your career, relationships or life choices? Well investing in a life coach can help! In our life coaching  sessions you will work with a coach to  assess your current levels of satisfaction within your life and creatively work together to make decisions to tap into your full potential. Hire Joie de Vivre coaching services and land in the place you want to be! 

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Doula Services

 Having a baby is one of the most exciting seasons on life! Joie de Vivre Family Services assists families in finding joy while preparing for and embarking in the beautiful season of childbirth. As an experienced doula, I will provide emotional, educational, physical, spiritual and mental support to you and your family.  This includes​:

  • Childbirth Education

  • Educated Birth Plan

  • Comfort measures

  • Hands- on Labor support

  • Resources for family planning

  •  Pre/Post-natal education

  • In-home support

  • Breast feeding education and support

  • Parent Coaching

Joie de Vivre's mission it to educate, advocate, support and assist parent's in arriving to their desired birth outcomes. This is especially relevant to women from vulnerable populations  whose voices are often not heard, or taken seriously during the birthing process. Finding Joy comes from being heard! Supporting women and families allows for another great and successful transition through life giving season of life. 

Holding Space Consultant

Are you grieving?
Has someone you loved died? 
Are you feeling scared, worried, lost, overwhelmed, and alone due to a recent loss or life change?
Is parenting, schooling, working and navigating life overwhelming you and your family?
Have you had to shift, change, or plan very differently a major life event such as a funeral, wedding, or graduation at this time?
Do you need a compassionate/mindful heart to hold space for you?

Book a virtual appointment with Joie today where you will experience undivided support as you share stories, express emotions, and make meaning of what is going on for you right now.

Sacred Ceremonies

 When it comes to life there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Are you looking for someone to assist you in creating a memorable event? Let Joie de' Vivre help! We will work to provide guidance for your special moments and transitions. Let us work with you to create an individualized, creative, sacred ceremony that celebrates those special times in your life or the lives of those you love. 

Ceremonies include (not limited to)

Blessing Way

Bridal Shower

Baby Showers/Blessings

Naming Ceremonies

Special Birthday Celebrations


Jumping the Broom

Naming Ceremonies

House Blessings

Celebratory Events

Couples Celebrations

Girls Nights

End of Life Celebrations


Virtual Events

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All I Want for Christmas is You!
Dealing with grief in the season of joy.

Death over Dinner? 

Are you experiencing grief, loss or major transition? Have you begun to dread the holiday season due to feelings of angst, regret, overwhelm or anxiety? Come experience an evening of honor, breath, curiosity and learning as we embark on ways to take care of you when the holidays have you feeling blue. Appetizers and holiday desserts will be served. Register today...Limited seating available.


The Orchid House Cafe, 08608

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